V Loader

From: £37.99

  • 2.6kg release force magnets

  • Switch between left/right hand at the press of a button

  • Great thumb access

  • Stainless bolts and hardware

  • Lightweight polymer tops and bases

  • Stainless steel thread inserts

  • Huge variety of mounting options, can be doubled up on one belt clip

  • Holds 4 rounds very securely for 3 gun and IPSC

  • Modular and upgradeable

  • Cartridge lengths (unfired) from 51-67.5mm overall length

With the increase in popularity of 3 gun and similar sports the need arose for a loader designed to hold up to harsh use and fast loading.

The V Loader is a 4 round capacity loader capable of being mounted with a variety of solutions, including Tek Loks & other belt clips and Velcro. Adapt the loader to your needs by rapidly switching from right to left hand or vice-versa at the press of a button. High strength magnets hold your cartridges in place during high energy movements whilst the MAGLOAD trademark light release force means it’s fast to load from.

When you need the ease of use and security of a full IPSC rig, but the flexibility of 4 round loaders and the ability to change hands quickly – look no further.

Package includes:

1x V Loader

ACTION AIR ADAPTERS: These are no longer supplied as standard, but can be supplied free of charge with a V Loader upon request.