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V Loader Quad Loading System


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  • 2.6kg release force

  • Switch between left/right hand at the press of a button

  • Lightweight

  • Variety of mounting options

  • Holds 4 rounds very securely for 3-Gun and IPSC

  • Cartridge lengths (unfired) from 51-67.5mm overall length

With the increase in popularity of 3-Gun and disciplines, the need arose for a loader designed to stand up to harsh use and fast loading.

The V Loader is a 4 round capacity loader capable of being mounted with a variety of solutions, including CLIC, Tek Loks, ELS and Velcro. Adapt the loader to your needs by rapidly switching from right to left hand at the press of a button. High strength magnets hold your cartridges in place during high energy movements whilst the light release force means it’s fast to load from.

Package includes:

1x V Loader

1x Velcro Patch

2 x Spacers

ACTION AIR ADAPTERS: Supplied free of charge upon request.