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“The Stiffy” 2 Part IPSC Competition Belt


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  • Stiff, rigid with little flex

  • Two part velcro design

  • Compatible with CLIC, Double Alpha, Tek Lok and Safariland Belt Clips

  • 1.5″ Width, rectangular profile

  • CLIC security buckle and Magload PVC patch included


Designed from the ground up to be the stiffest, lightest two piece IPSC & 3 Gun competition belt on the market, giving superb support to any accessories you want to mount.

“The Stiffy” 2 part IPSC belt is 1.5″ wide and only 0.25″ thick giving compatibility with CLIC, Tek Lok, Double Alpha and Safariland belt clip systems. Ideal for IPSC pistol, IPSC practical rifle or open shotgun shooting. The two part design uses the highest quality velcro to ensure a secure attachment every time. Featuring a 5.5″ strip of velcro on the front section for any patches. The inner belt features a chamfer for easy threading through belt loops, a 1mm polymer reinforcing layer for added stiffness yet is only 3.25mm thick to be comfortably worn over any trouser belt. The outer belt also features a chamfer for easy threading through belt loops, a rectangular profile for accessory stability, a strong 4mm polymer reinforcing core and maximum velcro availability on the back.

Included with each belt are a CLIC security buckle and Magload PVC morale patch.

Available sizes are:

  • 105cm – (Fits waist size 26-35″) – 284g
  • 121cm – (Fits waist size 32-41″) – 312g
  • 136cm – (Fits waist size 38-47″) – 325g
  • 151cm – (Fits waist size 43-53″) – 399g
  • 176cm – (Fits waist size 51-63″) – 456g