about magload

Magload is a collection of shooters striving to deliver the products you need to compete. Based in Hampshire, England, every member of our management and production team competes, the rest of the team are also Team Magload competitors. Team Magload is more than a logo on a shirt, every member provides feedback which allows us to continuously improve our products. They are constantly testing new products to ensure they are ready for market. If you see a member on the circuit and you’d like to know more about Magload they will be more than happy to help you out. We are driven to use the latest technology to produce the equipment you need to reach the top step on the podium.

no compromise

CAD, FEA, SLS, SLA and FDM manufacturing, precision laser cutting, CNC machining and hand finishing goes into bringing you the best performance and ease of use synonymous with MAGLOAD. We don’t make any compromises in manufacture, everything is built up to a standard, not down to a price. While that’s true, our products are still great value. Our high standard of engineering and quality control is clear on all of our products.

don't settle for square wheels

We don’t use rubber bungs or oversized magnets to compensate for design flaws. The flagship loaders have low release force, high retention and great thumb allowance: We succeed where others failed. Tested in all weathers, used in all positions: These survived where others didn’t.