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UKPSA Long Gun Safety Course


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This is a one or two day UKPSA long gun safety course with the potential outcomes of a “Pass” or “Pass with Competition Licence” (if you are a UKPSA member). Delivered by Conners, a fully qualified and highly experienced UKPSA Instructor and NROI official.

All courses will have a compulsory open-book test sent out at least a week before the day of the course.

A Long Gun Competition Licence is a requirement to enter all IPSC shotgun, rifle and mini-rifle competition L2 and above. It’s also the start of your journey towards international competition!

Please note – a one day course is an intensive course and prior experience of shooting club level practical matches is highly recommended.

During the course we will cover:

  • Dynamic Stance
  • Various shooting positions
  • Moving and shooting
  • No shoots
  • Full stages

You can expect to gain and build skills such as:

  • Trigger discipline
  • Muzzle discipline
  • Stability while shooting
  • Loading and moving
  • Weak side shooting

And much, much more!