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12g Magazine Spring


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  • Polished surface for low friction

  • 40Nm spring rate for easy loading with reliable function

  • Perfect for use with any magazine tube extension

  • 1300mm length

High-performance heat-treated steel construction, polished and oiled for low friction and corrosion resistance. Designed specifically for soft loading and reliable function.

Using everything we have learned about spring technology we’re proud to present the MAGLOAD 12g shotgun magazine spring. There’s a lot of technology in a seemingly simple part, from the material selection, and spring rate down to the polished surface.

1300mm free length – requires cutting for your specific application.

Don’t compromise on your mag tube spring, choose MAGLOAD!

Cutting Guide:

  • Ensure your gun is completely unloaded
  • Measure your total magazine length (internal and external tube), from the end of the follower to the tip of the assembled magazine tube.
  • Add length to your measurement depending on the type of gun. Pump Action: 8-10″ Semi-Auto: 12-14″
  • Cut the spring to length and bend the tip down – do not sand.

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