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The PRIMUS Wrist Loader


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  • 2x 1.1kg release force magnets

  • Solid shell retention

  • Smooth load of the first shot

  • Stays clear for all loading techniques

The Primus loader is a wrist mounted Option 3 loader for when the start condition states “no ammunition on the gun”, letting you get the first round loaded as quickly as possible from your wrist or arm. With practice, you can load that first shot with a similar movement to a regular Option 3 Loader.

Magnets and specially designed geometry retain the shell securely yet the directional release lets you drop the round smoothly into the chamber. The loader is designed with a low profile and special geometry so that it will not impede smooth quad loading.

Lightweight custom blend polymer and a genuine Velcro strap.

“A quick one off the wrist” as recommended by Dave Smith, Rossendale

Lifetime warranty as standard.