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Benelli Supernova / Nova Short Action Bars


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  • Tighter fitting than original bars

  • Filing guide and diamond file included

  • Anti surge timing

  • Short stroke mitigation

The short action bars come in a 3 bar kit which includes an extra bar that advances the timing of the shell release to help prevent short strokes, still feeding up to a 70-75mm cartridge (64mm unfired length). You can use the buckshot available to you rather than having to load your own and STILL have a short stroked action!

The bars have a polished finish in order to be as slick as possible, with no rough surfaces that can wear down the action or receiver. The kit will shorten the 3.5″ action of the Benelli Supernova or Benelli Nova to feed 2.75″ shells. (64mm unfired length). The pump handle is also moved backward around 20mm which will result in a more comfortable grip and make the gun MUCH more ergonomic for most shooters.

Our kit offers 4 main benefits:

  1. Improve the Supernova ergonomics if you normally find the reach too long

  2. Fix some timing issues causing no-feed situations using the 3 bar kit

  3. Mitigate surge related malfunctions

  4. Reduce the unnecessary length of the pump stroke for faster cycling

This 3 bar kit includes:

  • Left hand action bar (short)

  • Left hand action bar (short/short stroke mod)

  • Right hand action bar (short, anti surge)

  • Filing guide

  • Diamond file

You can use the 3 bar kit to experiment with what works for you, knowing that you can go back to stock timing at any point. Altogether, the 3 bar kit is a versatile and comprehensive solution to short stroking the gun.

Fitting the kit does require a small notch to be filed into the bolt, a guide and diamond file are supplied in the kit. Whilst the modification can be completed at home we recommended that this is performed by a competent gunsmith.

Lifetime warranty as standard.

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