Nexus Quadloading System

From: £119.99

  • 1.1kg release force magnets

  • High grade engineering alloy backplate

  • Stainless hardware and brass thread inserts

  • Lightweight polymer tops and bases

  • Comes in 12, 14, 20, 24, 28 or 32 round options

  • Cartridge lengths (unfired) from 51-67.5mm overall length

Nexus Modular Self Adjusting Shotgun Cartridge System

The Nexus loading system is MAGLOAD’s original bank-style loader, completely UK made set-and-forget, left or right handed shotgun cartridge caddy in 12, 14, 20, 24, 28 and 32 round flavours.

The Nexus loader can be set up either Right or Left handed and once assembled needs no further adjustment. Ever.

It has MAGLOAD’s signature low release force and high shell retention along with a host of new features to make your life easy.

Designed with the most shooter input yet from all levels in the sport – This is everything you’ve been asking for.

Spend more time planning your stage and less time adjusting your belt with the new Nexus modular loading system.


We have taken input from more shooters than ever before and combined all the features they asked for into one caddy. All of them. Then we backed it with our lifetime warranty.

Nexus is a set and forget system which will take any cartridge with an unfired length from 51-67.5mm. That means any cartridge, bird, buck or slug that you would use in training or competition will fit in the Nexus system with no further adjustment. No longer do you have to commit to loading either right or left handed. The Nexus system can be set up either way and changed at any time using just one allen key. It takes just 10 minutes to convert an assembled Nexus12 from one hand to the other.

In line with MAGLOAD ethos, the Nexus is versatile, well built, easy to use and cheaper than the other comparable systems on the market. It also meets current UKPSA, NRA and IPSC rules.


  • Can be set up right or left handed

  • Load twins or quads whenever you want

  • Self adjusts to fit any cartridge in use in the UKPSA/NRA/IPSC circuit

  • Can be fitted to Tek Loks, ELS clips or used with a Velcro belt

  • Offered as a 12, 14, 20, 24, 28 and 32 capacity


  • The Nexus is just 50mm from front to back, including cartridges (49mm without). There is no danger of exceeding the UKPSA 75mm rules even with a loose belt or a thick attachment mechanism (Tek Lok or Velcro).

  • The Nexus loader is the most compact it can possibly be to help fit within the new 170mm belt width rulings. It is only ever 7mm longer than the cartridge you put in as it regulates it’s own size depending on the ammo used. An empty caddy will move out of the way for you when crouching or lunging.

  • During development of the Nexus, options considered for the capacity of the smaller loader were 12 or 14 rounds. 14 rounds would have been ideal for those competing in the Modified category however IPSC/UKPSA rules state that you can have no more than 6 cartridges stacked vertically (from the thumb loading days). The NEXUS12 therefore lets you mount the loader vertically without breaching the rules. If you need a 14 round caddy it can be made as part of a bespoke order.

  • It is anticipated that a full belt complement would be a Nexus12 and a Nexus28. This give people their initial load should they choose not to load from a pouch or box and still have enough to complete even the longest of stages.


  • Just like our other products, the Nexus loader backplate is constructed from our specially selected variant of Stainless Steel which is 30% lighter and much stiffer than other steel alloys. They are deburred by hand and given a brushed finish for a good aesthetic that will last and be comfortable in use.

  • The plastic parts are made using the latest in manufacturing technology. There are no practical limits to the heat etc. that it can be exposed to.

  • Working with our spring manufacturer, we are using the latest in materials technology to utilise spring systems that will be long lasting and corrosion free.

  • The sliding plastic parts have internal rails designed to do several things, among which are reducing friction for the smoothest possible sliding action and oil channels. The loader does not need to be oiled, however if you choose to do so the bulk of the oil will be held within the bushing inside specially designed channels, away from dirt and self-regulated onto the sliding parts as needed.

Easy to use

  • The Nexus will be supplied in a ready-to-assemble state with clear and comprehensive instructions. This will enable you to do the initial Right or Left handed setup out of the box.

  • Set and forget. Once the loader is assembled it never needs to be adjusted as it will self adjust to any usable cartridge length.

  • Low release force and natural release directions just like the Double Quad Loader. We still disagree with magnets being the primary retention mechanism as you have to break the force of those magnets to load. We use our 1.1kg release force magnets to locate the top shell and nothing more. With a properly designed loader it’s not necessary to rely on the magnets.

  • When emptied of ammo the loader collapses down to the smallest possible footprint. An empty loader will not get in the way during bending, crouching or any other form of PSG acrobatics.

Lifetime warranty.