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Nexus PRO Adjustment Spacers


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  • 1x 10mm & 1x 5mm spacer
  • Easy and fast adjustment
  • Adjust hand space
  • Adjust spring tension
  • Compatible with all Nexus loaders

Additional adjustment spacers to configure your spring tension or hand spacing.

The Nexus PRO already comes with these spacers. You can buy additional spacers here for added hand space or spring tension.

1x 10mm & 1x 5mm spacer per kit.

If you need these extra spacers for a whole loader, the quantities are:

  • Nexus 8: 4x sets
  • Nexus 12: 6x sets
  • Nexus 14: 7x sets
  • Nexus 20: 10 sets
  • Nexus 24: 12 sets
  • Nexus 28:14 sets
  • Nexus 32: 16 sets