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McFadden Machine Lightnin’ Grip Loader


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  • Fast loading of magazines

  • No need to handle ammunition

  • Tip and shake up to a 100 rounds into the hopper

  • Works with many types of .22 rifles and pistols

The Lightnin’ Grip Loader from McFadden Machine is a versatile .22LR speedloader compatible with 30+ different magazine types using interchangeable adapters. It’s currently the fastest speedloader for .22LR magazine in production, you can load a 25 round magazine in 10-15 seconds.

McFadden Lightning Grip adapters are sold separately, please make sure you order the correct adapter for your magazine(s) to go with your loader.

Adapters can be quickly changed by depressing the locking button on the loader and swapping in a new one. They are also compact so it is easy to keep a few different sizes on your range bag.


  • #1 S&W M&P 15-22
  • #2 AR15 .22LR  (including Black Dog, Kriss DMK-22, Sig 522, CMMG and Lantac magazines)



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