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MagLube Premium Gun Oil


  • Consistency of oil with lubricating properties of grease

  • High level of corrosion protection

  • Extreme temperature performance: From -18C to 230C

  • Extremely low “stiction”. Reduces the amount of force needed to start 2 stationary surfaces moving to the absolute minimum.

  • Suitable for a wide range of metals and plastics

MagLube is a high performance, premium gun oil with the lubricating properties of grease but the consistency of oil. MagLube is for the demanding conditions of practical shooting with high round counts and extreme temperature conditions.


Use on all sliding and working parts of the gun and feel the difference instantly.

It maintains it’s extremely high lubricity under all conditions. Even when frozen to the point where the consistency drops and becomes thick it retains it’s exceptionally low stiction and high lubrication qualities.

Ultra low stiction, high adhesion and high shear strength are the main features of Maglube. What does this mean?

  • Stiction is the force required to start 2 sliding surfaces moving against each other. Low stiction means bolts and pumps start moving easier, triggers feel smoother and actions work faster & more reliably.

  • Shear strength is the amount of pressure required until the oil is displaced and metal-on-metal contact occurs. High shear strength means under the pressure of firing or cycling the oil will continue to lubricate rather than being pushed outwards.

  • Adhesion is how well the oil stays in place once applied High adhesion means even a thin layer will stay where you put it, and continue working until you clean it off.

MagLube holds dirt in suspension; When applied to clean parts, subsequent cleaning just requires a wipe with a dry microfibre cloth or tissue paper, and clean & fresh oil can be reapplied over the top.

Maglube is skin safe for worry free field stripping.

The 15ml, 30ml and 100ml bottles have a child safe cap with a thin-tip applicator for getting to hard-to-reach places

The 15ml bottle is a handy size for your range bag.

The 30ml bottle is ergonomically pen shaped and ideal for the workshop.

The 100ml bottle is a bumper size fun pack for when you have a lot of guns to maintain.