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K22 +7rd Magazine Extension V2


  • Integrated bumper

  • +7 rounds

  • Laser sintered follower and base

  • Ultra stable follower

  • MAGLOAD designed magazine spring

  • Stainless steel bolts

  • Multiple colours available

This will extend your new style K22 magazine from 10 rounds to 17 rounds. The kit includes a new follower, spring, base and bolts.

Version 2 is made with the same processes as our loaders, for smoother function and better looks!

The K22 extension system consists of 3 main components not including the stainless steel bolts.

Base: The base is made out of a custom blended polymer. Extensive materials testing and prototyping brings you this incredibly durable polymer. It has internal bumpers to absorb the repeated shock of being dropped onto concrete floors, even while fully loaded. Our competitors products did not stand up to this.

Spring: Designed from the ground up especially for the new style K22 magazine, MAGLOAD’s power magazine spring gives perfect feeding reliability through the whole magazine.

Follower: Using the latest in SLS technology we can create geometry that is hard or impossible to manufacture by other means. The wings keep it super stable inside the magazine, the spring guide keeps the spring in place and the revised geometry improves feeding of the whole magazine. Last round bolt hold open as standard.