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12g Lightweight Follower


  • Hyper lightweight
  • Help eliminate shell surge
  • Low friction, self lubricating nylon
  • Durable design
  • Extended shape

An often overlooked but vital part of your gun, the humble magazine follower.

Slightly oversized for overzealous port jobs, hyper lightweight and smooth operation – it’s everything a follower needs to be. If you suffer from shell surge, a lightweight follower will help and may even cure it. If your connection to your magazine tube isn’t quite right, the extended shape will help guide the follower without catching. Low drag, low friction, low weight.

Made out of a lightweight, low friction and self lubricating nylon this is a follower you can put your trust in.

12g follower fits all Benelli (except Nova/Supernova, Vinci/Super Vinci), Breda, Winchester, Beretta, Stoeger, Mossberg and Remington guns

Supernova follower fits Benelli Nova/Supernova, Vinci/Super Vinci