Ruger 10/22 Speed Lever

Ruger 10/22 Speed Lever



  • Lightweight polymer construction

  • Single finger operation

  • Zero modification, fully reversible

  • Drop in part

  • Separate bolt release lever

  • Bespoke colours available

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This is an extended magazine release which allows you to drop a magazine with one finger from your firing hand, while using the other to grab your next magazine for a blisteringly fast reload.

We incorporate an extra control to operate the factory bolt stop which won’t interfere with normal function. It’s a no modification, fully reversible, drop in part.


This is a drop in replacement for your factory Ruger 10/22 .22 rifle or pistol. Enjoy slick, fast reloads using just one finger.

For your convenience a bolt hold open lever is part of the package. This operates as an extension to the original part with no modification.

MAGLOAD recommends this product is installed by a competent gunsmith. See our dealer list for your local shop. Your dealer can also order bespoke colours for you.

Black/Yellow button as standard, custom combinations of any colour are available. Select “CUSTOM” from the drop down box and contact us to discuss your requirements.