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Quick Release Levers

Tools are for tools.

Tool free and rapid adjustment for different cartridge lengths or caddy tension without even removing your belt.

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This is a completely scratch built design made to fit all MAGLOAD caddies.

A kit contains a pair of levers which is enough for one caddy.

They are supplied pre-assembled for your convenience. Simply unscrew the 2x original bolts from the caddy (either the tops or bottoms based on your preference), screw the Quick Release Lever in part way, then cut the yellow retaining band with a sharp blade or scissors. Alternatively this band can be removed before fitting.

The levers will cam over and stop at the end of their travel, locking them in place and giving a consistent clamping force. Much lighter tension is required on the new bolts as the lever will generate a lot of force.

MSRP £15 (pair)


  • Stainless steel bar
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Precision laser cut bearing washer
  • FDM lever with cam over
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Preassembled


You can order the Quick Release Levers here at one of our dealers

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