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High Mount Kit

The High Mount Kit contains some unique parts that will allow you to make the most out of your MAGLOAD Double Quad Loader. The end result is a loader that sits very high on the body, yet angled in to support the now leveraged weight of the shells.


The kit contains enough hardware to convert 1x Double Quad Loader:

  • 1x angle adapter
  • 1x extreme angle adapter
  • 8x hex head bolts
  • 8x washers
  • 1x MAGLOAD spanner (sold separately)

The angle adapter replaces the rubber or plastic washers you currently use to mount to your chosen belt clip. It will tilt the loader back towards your body to take the weight of the now higher mounted cartridges.

The MAGLOAD spanner is designed specifically for this purpose. In certain orientations the bolts at the rear cannot be accessed to be adjusted. In this instance you can use this kit to swap out the allen bolts for hex head bolts, then use this flat spanner to access all bolts from the side

Hex bolts are supplied for the aforementioned side access, and washers because you will undoubtedly lose some during the conversion! You can reuse old ones if you like.


MSRP £8 (w/o spanner)

MSRP £7 (spanner only)


  • Full kit to convert to high mount
  • Allows belt to tilt under the weight yet keep cartridges upright
  • Allows side access for all adjustment bolts
  • Spare washers supplied
  • Bottle opener


You can order the Double Quad Loader here at one of our dealers

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