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Double Quad Loader

This shotgun cartridge caddy will hold shells in the perfect position to quadload with ease. From the overlapped rims to the specifically engineered 1.1kg magnetic release force, this product embodies the full force of our “No Compromise” philosophy.

It’s the flagship product of MAGLOAD – and the one that got us started. Designed from the ground up with design input from some of the UK’s best shooters.

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All the hardest work went into the double quad loader, the flagship practical shotgun product that brought you MAGLOAD. When you’ve had enough of square wheels, try a MAGLOAD caddy.

The lightest release force on the market, but still with high shell retention. Kit you can put your confidence in when the buzzer goes. Adjustable to your needs with a single bolt per stack.

There’s no special movement or “snap” required to remove your shells. Just a natural, fluid and fast movement to give you an edge on the competition.

Comes with nylon spacers to enable a variety of mounting options on various mounting hardware such as Tek Loks, ELS clips and more.

Select either the Left or Right handed configuration from your favourite retailer based on which hand you hold the cartridges with.

MSRP £75


  • 1.1kg release force magnets
  • All access thumb cutout
  • High grade engineering alloy backplate
  • Stainless bolts and hardware
  • Lightweight polymer tops and bases
  • Steel thread inserts
  • Huge variety of mounting options


You can order the Double Quad Loader here at one of our dealers

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