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The Three Circles by Jon Axe (Paperback)


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  • Authored by Jon Axe, one of the UK’s top practical shotgun shooters
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate shooters
  • A beginners guide to managing stress in Practical Shooting

While this book is mainly aimed at people who are new to the shooting sports and for those that struggle with the mental aspects of performance at a competition, it introduces the reader to a concept that can be used to break down and improve what is controllable and how to cope with those things that are not.
The 3 Circles is a simple tool that can be used to mitigate stresses brought on by performance anxiety as well as a great tool for analysing past performances, deciding what actions are required to improve performance and what processes can be implemented to apply the skills required in the moment. Using the principles presented in The 3 Circles, we can reduce the pressures of the unknown and concentrate on those things that are important.
While presented using the sport of Practical Shooting, The 3 Circles principles can be applied to any situation in any walk of life.
The author is a multiple British champion in various disciplines and has developed these techniques over the course of his competition career. He’s also a pretty good bloke. (Magload – Yes he is!)

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