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Option 3 Loader


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  • Geometry designed to hold a round as securely as needed

  • Easy, directional release

  • Self adhesive velcro supplied

  • Fast empty start loads

The Option 3 Loader presents a cartridge just outside the chamber which can be instantly inserted on the buzzer during an option 3 empty start. Giving you rock-solid reliability and an effortless directional release. If you don’t have one, you probably should.

Supplied with industrial self-adhesive Velcro hook and loop fastening to allow it to be easily added and removed from the gun. For a more permanent mount we suggest 3M Licence Plate double-sided foam tape (not supplied).

Note: the standard Option 3 Loader is designed for right-handed guns, if you require one for a left-handed gun (ejection from the left-hand side) please leave a note in the order