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Carbon Fibre 12g Magazine Extension Tubes


  • Extremely Light Weight – 73g for a 500mm (+8rd) tube

  • High Strength Carbon Fibre

  • Impact-Resistant Polymer

These carbon 12g shotgun magazine extensions are designed to shed weight from the place it affects you the most – the front of the gun. Enjoy faster transitions and easier gun manipulation by lowering the moving mass. Just 73g on a 500mm tube.

High spec carbon fibre made to our specification with an outer weave that has the traditional carbon look, with a premium matte finish. The one piece carbon magazine tube has the polymer nut and end cap bonded using cutting edge adhesives used in the automotive industry for bonding sports car chassis.

To calculate the number of rounds, count 60mm per round and +60mm for the spring and follower. For example, for a +8rd tube, you need 8 x 60mm (480mm) plus 60mm which is 540mm. Cut tolerance is +/- 2mm. If you want to maximise ammo capacity, especially if you’re shooting modified, choose the external end cap which will gain you 30mm internal capacity.

For reference a Beretta 1301 has a standard internal capacity (without an extension tube) of 5, the Benelli M2 (all variants) has a standard internal capacity of 4. The total capacity of the gun would be the standard internal capacity plus the extension’s capacity. For example, if you would like your Beretta 1301 to have a total capacity of 10 you would need a +5 tube.

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Magazine spring is sold separately here.

NOTE: 2-3 weeks for delivery, each tube is made to order! Please read the specifications above. As these are custom tubes, we will not be able to accept returns.