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Clic Solo Belt Clip


  • Stainless hardware and straps

  • For up to 1.5″ 2 part belts (actual max size 41mm) from 5-9mm thick

  • Supplied with our own metric nuts and bolts

  • Either an economical fixed clip or a quick release modular system

  • Clic QR available HERE

The Clic Solo is an economical fixed belt clip with a single row of fixing points, with the same spacing as a Tek Lok or H&S (Hoppner & Schumann) belt clip. It’s ideal for mounting any of our loaders to an IPSC style belt.

The Clic Link is a stainless steel drop link bar to allow you to mount holsters and mag pouches in the dropped/low position. This is especially helpful for rifle/shotgun pouches.

The belt clip system also features the debut of a new type of fastener we have been working with, the PlasTech screw. Made in the UK these are not regular self tapping screws, they form a strong reusable thread and are self locking – allowing us to make some of the most compact and lightweight parts there are.

The Solo is 60x24mm, 14.5mm deep and sits 5.5mm from the belt.

All clips come with 2x nuts, 2x bolts and 2x spacers.

The Solo & Link package will come with 4x nuts, 4x bolts and 4x spacers.