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.22 Pistol and Action Air Breech Flag


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  • Occupies the chamber to show the chamber is clear
  • Suitable for all .22 LBP chambers
  • Drop the hammer without damaging the gun
  • Specifically shaped to clear the ejector and extractor in most popular pistols
  • Action Air BB pusher too!

Secure the action with the unique MAGLOAD breech flag! Designed specifically for the new IPSC rule change with long barrelled pistols requiring you to lower the hammer, this breech flag will allow you to drop the hammer properly by pulling the trigger with no damage to the breech face, firing pin or extractor!

Simply slide forward, hammer down and holster with no faff. Leave the flag fitted until you next load and make ready, or remove it under RO supervision, it’s up to you.

As this is adapted from our unreleased design for an Action Air BB pusher, this will also allow you to remove the BB from the hop unit of your Action Air gun quickly and easily. It’s small, and can be attached to a retractable lanyard with the provided hole.