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15-22 Carbon Fibre Handguard


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  • Carbon Fibre Tube
  • Nylon Nut and End Cap
  • Starting from 95g in Weight
  • Designed Specifically for the 15-22
  • Certified M-LOK Slots Available

Less than half the weight of the current lightest aftermarket 15-22 handguard available, with the lightest variant (11″ slotted) coming in at a mere 95g! The standard Sport handguard for comparison weighs 155g.

Designed to have a factory fit to minimise flex issues that are so common with AR15 conversion nuts, and to isolate as much of the handguard movement from the barrel as possible.

With Magload’s M-Lok licence, you can choose to have approved M-Lok slots machined into the handguard for maximum versatility or go without for a sleek speed steel gun.

Our handguards have an outer diameter (OD) of 45mm and inner diameter (ID) of 38mm.

Note: The handguard measurements are exactly 10.7″ for the 11″ version and 14.7″ for the 15″ version, this is to give you clearance for any muzzle accessories.